The union´s office is closed for visits

Because of the Covid 19 epidemic the unions in Þingeyjarsýsla have decided to limit it´s members access to the unions staff by shutting off all visits to the office indefinitely. This decision was made to ensure the welfare of the unions members.

The unions continue to provide it´s services the best way possible through the telephone and digitally.

If you need to turn in applications for sickness benefits, get counseling or other errands you can email us. Furthermore, a mailbox has been placed next to the enterance to the union´s office where members can return keys to the union´s flats as well as other data that members choose to turn in on paper rather than digitally, like applications for  grants or summer houses.

Aðalsteinn Árni Baldursson               

Jónína Hermannsdóttir                      

Linda M. Baldursdóttir                        

Aðalsteinn J. Halldórsson                   

Haukur Sigurgeirsson                          

Ágúst S. Óskarsson                               

We will also put news and other information on the union´s website, as well as Framsýn´s Facebook page. The office´s telephone number is 4646600.

We ask members for understanding of this impaired service.

The union´s staff